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This outstanding Laphroaig 12 Year Old was produced on Islay in 2005 and carefully matured for 12 years before being bottled by indie bottler, Alexander Murray & Co, in 2018. It is a cask strength whisky that brings the power and elegance of Laphroaig to your nose and palate in pure and honest fashion. This […]

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This Glenallachie 10 Year Old is an exceptional single cask whisky that was created at the famous Speyside distillery before being bottled and released for The Whiskyfind by indie bottler, Douglas Laing. It brings an intriguing and well-balanced range of notes to your nose and palate and as one of just 292 bottles, it’s quite […]

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An exciting Ben Nevis 22 Year Old that was matured in a single cask and bottled by indie bottle Archives. Matured in a single bourbon cask, it brings rich fruit together with vanilla, citrus flavours and subtle and delicious spices. Numbers of this one are highly limited so get your hands on it while you […]

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This is a very special Springbank 21 Year Old cask strength, single cask whisky that was produced in 1996 before being matured in a fino sherry butt that has imparted a great depth of flavour and complexity on the spirit. The cask resulted in 399 bottles in 2017 and was bottled by indie bottler Valinch […]

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This is a truly fantastic blended malt that was created by the master craftsman at the Craigellachie hotel. It was designed by master blender Stuart Morrison and took it’s name “Copper Dog” from the hotel’s whisky bar. It was created by carefully blending 8 different single malts from around the Speyside region and it is truly […]

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This exciting new bottle from dekantā offers enthusiasts the opportunity to experience a single cask single malt Japanese Whisky that was aged in a Scottish Port Ellen cask, then finished in rare Japanese Mizunara wood. Mizunara oak is much scarcer than European and American oak, with it taking around 200 years before a Mizunara tree […]

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The Sweet Toast of American Oak has been carefully matured in hand-crafted and specially charred oak barrels that bring a fantastic vanilla sweetness to the exceptional whisky. It has been aged for 12 years, making it smooth, rounded and incredibly complex.

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The Week of Peat is a stunning 14 Year Old whisky that was created in the one week of the year that the distillery produce peated spirit. Expect citrus fruits, gentle spices and sweet malt to combine with aromas and flavours of peat that build in the background.

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Brand New Release from The Macallan Distillery Get your hands on this Taiwanese Exclusive, wherever you are in the world! The Macallan AERA Royal Black is an exciting Taiwanese exclusive release from Scotland’s most famous distillery. The release has been surrounded by a lot of hype, and with good reason.  Aged in a combination of […]

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The first offering on the Whisky Foundation Reserve is one to remember. This iconic 24 year old bottle is sure to be a standout among your collection. A new Springbank 24 Year Old that was bottled by The Maltman in 2017. It's a single cask whisky that comes in at 47.3%. We just had to get our hands on this so that you can too. Prices Can Change Rapidly. Set An Alert If you'd like to get notified when the price hits your desired level, click here to set an alert.
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About Ben Nevis Distillery The Ben Nevis distillery is nestled amongst the munros and corbetts of the Scottish Highlands, at the foot of the tallest mountain in the British Isles. It was here, forty five long years ago, that the heart of a clear spirit was collected from the copper stills and left to mature […]

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This Jamaica 30 Year Old was hand selected for the Rum Nation series and that tells us that the spirit inside is a bit special. The island has alternating intense rainfalls and sunshine which facilitates the growth of some of the best sugarcane in the world. This is a unique 30 year old gem from […]

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