Macallan: A Global & Local Distillery

There are many distilleries throughout Scotland, found on islands, next to lochs, on mountains, and tucked away in dense forests. Yet, of the many operational distilleries, only a select few are known across the globe. Mention the name of these distilleries in almost any bar in a whisky-drinking country and odds are someone will speak […]

Independent Bottlers – Gordon & MacPhail

Independent bottling is, unfortunately, a rather unknown concept to the general population. Here at the Whisky Foundation we believe that such a wonderfully experimental and educational practice should be broadcast to the world, to drinkers both young and old, to extend the reach of the amazing spirit that is Scotch whisky. Put simply, an independent […]

The World’s Oldest Whisky Meets Luxurious Watch

Last week the opening of a cork was heard around the world, as a bottle of Old Vatted Glenlivet 1862, believed to be the oldest whisky in the world, was cracked open to be used in a collaboration with the collectable watch industry. The watch was created by Swiss company Louis Moinet in collaboration with […]

5 Of A Kind – Highland Drams

The Highland whisky region of Scotland covers an extremely large spread of land, and so the whiskies produced there are rather difficult to categorize in terms of body and flavour. Re-occurring characterizations of Highland whisky include “big-bodied, peaty, and very powerful,” however the sheer size of the region inspires experimentation and whiskies which differ greatly. […]

Interview With The Whisky Lady – Anne-Sophie Bigot

We’ve recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the whisky industry’s most interesting and active bloggers. Anne-Sophie Bigot is the owner of the Whisky Lady blog, through which she brings a fresh perspective to the whisky world, attempting to remove the preconception that whisky is but an “old man’s drink.” Apart from managing her […]

Scotch Whisky 101 – Cask Strength

The demand for cask strength whiskies has been growing in recent years, as savvy whisky drinkers seek out a more authentic whisky experience, rooted in the heritage and practice of whisky-making. Some may dismiss cask strength whisky as the latest trend, but bottling at cask strength has long been a common practice among independent bottlers. […]

World Whisky Awards 2017 – Our Predictions

It’s almost that time of the year, when the prestigious World Whisky Awards winners are announced, and we all run out to purchase the winning bottles to determine just what makes them so special. For those of you who haven’t heard, the World Whiskies Awards are part of the prestigious World Drinks Awards programme, which […]

Scotch Sales Rise Worldwide

For the past few years Scotch whisky sales in China have been steadily dropping, due to a multitude of reasons. This hasn’t been good for Diageo, the world’s leading drinks company, as their Scotch brands account for over a quarter of the company’s sales. However, in the first half of Diageo’s 2016-2017 financial year, specifically, […]

Famous Whisky Drinkers Today

Whisky has gripped and delighted drinkers throughout the ages, making poets and politicians alike sing its praises and promote its allure to the rest of the world. Robert Burns never hid his love for the spirit, and famous authors like Charles Bukowski were known to have a glass of Scotch in their hand, well, most […]

Scotch Whisky 101 – Water

We’re here today with the latest piece in our Scotch Whisky 101 series, which aims to educate and provide some knowledge on anything to do with Scotch whisky; from its production to the joys of sampling it correctly. Today’s topic is water. Apart from being essential to our survival, water is one of the key ingredients in […]

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