The Whisky Glass Emoji Is Here

In the latest update by the Unicode Consortium, the group responsible for updating and managing the emoji icons, a whisky glass was finally added, allowing whisky lovers worldwide to communicate their love for the spirit with a simple emoji. Up until now only beer mugs, cocktail glasses, and wine glasses were available to smartphone users. […]

The Whisky Foundation Christmas Gift Guide

The tree is lit, the tinsel is out, and the wood is burning in the fireplace. Christmas is just around the corner, and family and friends begin to gather and prepare for a wonderful Christmas Day. With just days to go, you may be getting stressed, as you still haven’t chosen a gift for your […]

How Ice & Water Effect Whisky Flavour

Whether you are a long-time fan or complete newbie concerning the world of whisky, there is always something new you can learn about the wonderful spirit. There are some unwritten rules about Scotch and the ways one should sample it, and without someone to help you along you might find yourself afraid of doing something […]

Why The Rising Cost Of Whisky Is Overdue

Anyone following the whisky industry news will have noticed that the price of Scotch has sky-rocketed in recent years. Bottles have doubled in price in only a few decades, and many rare bottlings are selling for thousands of dollars at auction. The impending whisky drought is also playing a part in this rise of demand, […]

Scotland’s Most Remote Distilleries

Whisky isn’t just a drink, it’s a way of life, and it’s rich history and many traditions have made whisky lovers some of the most passionate fans in the drinks world today. This has been repeatedly proven throughout the years, up to this very day. Despite the constantly increasing prices of rare whisky, fans continue […]

The Whisky Boom Reaches TV

The first of a three-part television series titled “Scotch! The Story of Whisky” aired in the beginning of October on BBC 2 Scotland. The series is also available to viewers across the nation via iPlayer, and so far the ratings have been great! The series, starring Scottish actor David Hayman, delves into the many sides […]

The Best Glasses For The Best Scotch

Every good Scotch deserves a special glass, and not the one you use for beer or soda. The right glass looks the part and feels good to hold, but apart from the psychological ways a cool-looking glass can improve your whisky experience, there is also some science supporting the proper glasses to consume your drams […]

Are Bourbon or Sherry Casks Better?

Just like many recorded discoveries throughout history, the benefits of aging whisky were stumbled upon quite by chance. In Scotland, centuries ago, casks were simply used as vessels to deliver the freshly distilled spirit which was usually consumed before the oak could impart any flavours. Thankfully, some casks were disregarded here and there, and the […]

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