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Scotch 101: What are independent whisky bottlers?

At Whisky Foundation, we’re always writing about independent bottling, independent whisky bottlers, casks, finishing and new exciting bottlings. But we noticed recently that we’d completely forgotten to write about the most basic topic of all: what are independent whisky bottlers? So, what are independent bottlers?  OK, here’s a Spark Notes version of what independent bottlers […]

An authentic whisky experience: our cask strength collection


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of trying a cask strength whisky, then this scene from The Great Escape probably feels more than a little familiar: Cask strength whisky does not mess around. It comes straight from the cask to the bottle with no dilution whatsoever, so you’re hit with a huge whack of oaky […]

Independent bottler in the spotlight: Signatory Vintage


  At Whisky Foundation, we often talk of our favourite bottlings and our favourite cask-finishes. We often talk of whisky regions and whisky terms and the whisky industry in general. But, for an independent bottling site, we feel like we’ve neglected talking about independent bottlers a little. Well, that’s all about to change. From now […]

Where’s our BrewDog moment? Part II: Should we call independent bottlings ‘craft whisky’?


A few months ago, we wrote a long thought-piece that pondered two central questions: Why aren’t independent bottlings as popular as craft beer? And what can the whisky industry learn from craft beer? The question isn’t as ridiculous as it might sound, either. Beer and whisky are – until the point the liquid is distilled […]

Whisky bluff to whisky buff: a cheat sheet to whisky regions

whisky regions

If you’re a wine drinker, you’ll be well-aware that each wine-producing region has a distinct character. A wine from the Bordeaux region – due to the fact they only grow five types of grape – tends to be full-bodied and well-structured, while wine from the Champagne region will be light and crisp. Whisky is no […]

Whisky bluff to whisky buff: everything you need to know about sherry cask whisky


If you’ve ever read the Whisky Foundation blog, you’ll know that we’re huge fans of sherry cask whisky. We’ve written articles about our favourite sherry cask whiskies, have a huge selection available to purchase and – best of all – some of us like to end the day with a sherry cask whisky. And, according […]

Nose, palate, finish: a beginner’s guide to whisky tasting

If you’ve just started your journey towards an appreciation of whisky and are starting to think about how to improve your whisky tasting, then welcome to the club. But, before we begin talking about oaks and peats, remember: it doesn’t matter how you got to this stage. Don’t feel embarrassed by not knowing much about whisky […]

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