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The Whisky Foundation Guide to Pairing up your Whisky and Chocolate.

whisky and chocolate

Chocolate-lovers of the world unite, for today is International Chocolate Day, a day to celebrate everything that is great and glorious about chocolate. (Fun fact, this year it’ll be the 467th anniversary of the year that chocolate was introduced to Europe.) Now, while we love chocolate here at Whisky Foundation, there’s something that’s even better: […]

Independence Day Drams: Our favourite whiskies aged in bourbon casks


With Independence Day coming up, we thought it was only right that we celebrate the influence that our whisky brethren across the pond have had on our beloved Scotch. Like Edgar Allen Poe, Herman Melville and even Uncle Sam himself, these whiskies are the perfect result of Scottish heritage meeting American culture; distilled in the […]

Women and Whisky Part II: why is whisky considered a man’s drink?

If you read our last instalment in the Women and Whisky series, you’ll know that women have a long and important history with our most precious of liquids. They invented the alembic still, they ran bootlegging operations and they repealed Prohibition. Many of them also burnt at the stake for selling whisky during the Middle […]

Whisky Foundation Picks: Our favourite summer whisky cocktails

whisky cocktails

Dear readers, we have a confession to make. Brace yourselves. On occasion, when the weather is hot, we treat ourselves to a couple of summer whisky cocktails. Now, we know that to a lot of you, this is the ultimate sacrilege (‘Scotch should be drunk straight!’ we hear you cry.) but hear us out. When […]

Scotch 101: What is floor malting? (And does it make any difference?)


If you’re new to the world of malts and peats, then you might never have heard of floor malting. And there’s good reason for this – it’s not common practice anymore. It hasn’t been for the past half a century. The vast majority of distilleries stopped the process in the 1960s and have moved on […]

Getting your dad some whisky for Father’s Day? Here are our recommendations.


Socks. Something to do with sheds. A power tool. A DVD compilation of the 100 Greatest Premier League goals. A book on the history of World War II. A musical tie. A ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug. We’re willing to bet you’ve resorted to buying your Dad at least one of these things for Father’s Day […]

From whisky bluff to whisky buff: a quick guide to the whisky terms you should know.


If you’ve found your way to this page, then we’re going to assume that you’re familiar with at least a few whisky terms; you probably know your blends from your single malts, your Scotch from your bourbon and the difference between whisky and whiskey. But, if you find yourself nodding and taking long sips of […]

Scotch 101: what difference does a cask make to the flavour of whisky?


A few years ago, legendary independent bottlers Gordon & MacPhail ran a marketing campaign called ‘The Wood Makes the Whisky’ with the aim of making people more aware of the importance of wooden casks in the maturation of whisky. Speaking at the time, Ewen Mackintosh, COO of Gordon & MacPhail, said: ‘…at Gordon & MacPhail we […]

Women of great spirit: a cask strength history of the age-old relationship between women and whisky

A little while ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing Anne-Sophie Bigot, also known as The Whisky Lady, about her love of whisky, her experience in the industry and – interestingly – the idea of ‘Women Who Whisky’. On the topic of women and whisky, Anne-Sophie had a lot of interesting things to say. Firstly, […]

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