The Distillery

Macallan is one of those distilleries that if you drink whisky, you’ve heard of it. Everybody has and in all likelihood, you’ve also tried it.

Founded in Moray in 1824 by Alexander Read a farmer and a school teacher, Macallan is one of the oldest legal distilleries in Scotland. It has ever since build a reputation for excellence. James Bond was drinking Macallan in Skyfall.

Today, it is the third best selling single malt in the world with over half a million cases sold each year. It is also especially sought after by collectors, as it is renowned for its quality.

Its products are frequently featured at auctions where they fetch a fortune. The most expensive one so far has sold for $54,000. Its products continue to win international awards almost every year. Their whisky really is state of the art stuff!

Our Range of Macallan