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The Reserve, by Whisky Foundation, will be launching on November 23rd, 2017. The innovative concept will offer members exclusive bottles at progressively increasing prices. In many ways it mirrors the operation of a stock exchange in that prices automatically react to market demand. As supplies dwindle of an exclusive bottle, prices will go higher and higher.

Members who land a bottle at our “IPO price” can tell friends of their good fortune, knowing that they secured a bottle for less than anyone else.

Each of our Reserve releases will be bottled from exquisite casks hand-selected by our expert team. The world-class whisky will be accompanied by beautiful bottles and decanters that will become a focal point of any collection. Given the highly limited quantities of each release, these bottles are poised to become great collectibles.

We’re quite excited about The Reserve and would love for you to join our whisky adventure! We will be sending invitations based on the order of sign-up. Sign-up below to become one of the first Whisky Foundation Reservists! Let the bell ring!