Whisky matured in Sherry casks has become hugely popular in recent years and with good reason. These expressions tend to be full-bodied, packed with flavour and character and have a whole lot to be explored. From dark chocolate to raisins, sherried fruits and dark berries, these whiskies are full of powerful and rich flavours. Speyside is famous for producing this type of whisky, with distilleries there creating fantastic new-make spirit before allowing it to mature for a number of years in the finest Spanish sherry casks available, but others around the country have also tried their hand in this category and with some astounding results. We stock many single cask and limited edition sherry matured whiskies from all over Scotland and they make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one that enjoys big, powerful and fruity flavours.

Limited Edition Collection

Macallan Aurora

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This brand new macallan Aurora whisky is an exciting Taiwanese exclusive release from Scotland’s most famous distillery. The release has been surrounded by a lot of hype, and with good reason. It is the latest addition to the hugely popular Quest Collection and has air of top quality whisky before the liquid has even passed […]

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This four bottle set of Glenmorangie single malt whisky includes the first four editions in the famous Highland distillery’s hugely popular Private Editions series. Each of these whiskies drew plaudits from fans and critics alike at the time of release, resulting in them being extremely hard to find on today’s market. The four expressions have […]

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This incredible new Limited Edition single malt from Bowmore is the first in a series of four expressions being released by the distillery that will honour the ‘Four Guardians’ of Chinese mythology – the Azure Dragon of the East, the White Tiger of the West, the Vermilion Bird of the South and the Black Turtle of the North. Matured for 36 Years in […]

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This Bunnahabhain 5 Year Old was distilled on Islay in 2014 and matured in a single sherry cask before being bottled in 2019 by Or Sileis for their ‘Craftsman Selection’. This might be a young whisky but it packs a lot of flavour, with the intricate fruity flavours of Bunnahabhain whisky combining excellently with rich […]

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Introducing the brand new Macallan Boutique Collection 2019 single malt whisky – the latest edition in the Macallan Boutique Collection. The popular Macallan range was first released in 2016 to celebrate the opening of the distillery’s first boutique store, situated in Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan. Since then, annual releases have excited fans around the globe […]

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The Glengoyne Legacy Chapter One is a limited edition expression from the famous Highland distillery that was created to honour Cochraine Cartwright, Glengoyne’s Distillery Manager in 1869. Cartwright famously introduced sherry casks to the distillery and as such, this one is matured in both first-fill Oloroso casks and refill casks. It’s an excellent whisky that […]

10-15 Years

Highland Park 1991

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This Highland Park 1991 is a vintage, limited edition whisky that was released exclusively for travel retail. It was matured in sherry casks that have imparted a beautiful sweetness on the liquid before being bottled in 2012. Subtle peat, gentle hibiscus and wild heather are obvious on the nose and they return on the palate […]

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The Glengoyne 25 Year Old is a stunning expression from the popular Highland Distillery that has to rank as one of their very best to date. Matured exclusively in hand-selected sherry casks, it brings a rich, complex character that will have you coming back for another dram time and time again. Brown sugar, walnuts, strawberries […]

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This Lochranza Castle 21 Year Old is the second release in the Arran distillery’s popular Explorer’s Series. It is named after the ancient castle situated in the beautiful Lochranza area of the island and has been matured in sherry hogsheads before spending a finishing period in Amontillado sherry casks. It’s a well-balanced and complex whisky […]

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This brand new, highly limited Glendronach 25 Year Old is a single cask whisky that was produced in the Highland region in 1993 before being matured in a Pedro Ximenez cask that has imparted a range of exquisite fruity, sticky and sweet flavours on the spirit. Expect rich oak, dark fruits, honeyed raisins and gentle […]