Experiencing Whisky Like Never Before

Being born and raised in Scotland, we were shocked when we began traveling the world.The bottles of premium single malt that we took for granted in our homeland were not on the shelves of any store.In Scotland, we could drive to a distillery and refill a bottle directly from the cask.For foreigners, however, there was no choice but to buy one of the commercialized mass production releases.Experiencing whisky in it’s pure, authentic form was nowhere to be found.The culture and heritage of real Scottish whisky was being lost.

We knew this had to change… That’s why we started Whisky Foundation.Our goal is to help people worldwide experience authentic Scottish single malts.While our releases might be limited in numbers, each one tells an amazing story.

We Bring You Closer to the Cask…

At Whisky Foundation, we pride ourselves in selecting only the best whisky in Scotland.In fact, many of the bottles we offer are produced exclusively for us by independent bottlers.Our goal is to help you on your whisky adventure by carefully recommending bottles that will further your appreciation of authentic Scottish whisky.The majority of our hand curated selection are cask strength single malts. These highly limited releases allow you the opportunity to enjoy whisky in all it’s glory without any dilution.