A page for the whisky buffs. Here you’ll find high-end, rare and old whisky from Islay to Speyside and everywhere in-between. These hand-picked whiskies turn special occasions into extra-special occasions. If we’ve sourced it, tried it and loved it, you’ll find it here.

    This Ben Nevis 45 Year Old is the first release in the promising Scottish Folklore series and the recent winner of a Gold medal at the International Wine & Spirits competition. It is a single cask whisky that was produced in the shadow of the highest mountain in the British Isles and then matured for 45 years in an ex-Sherry hogshead cask. This has imparted a wonderful array of notes on the spirit, including sherried fruits, dark chocolate, tobacco leaves and a decent helping of oak. They all combine to create a dram that is rich, complex and delicious. Only 228 bottles produced.
    A delicious 27 Year Old from the now silent Port Ellen distillery. The Islay distillery is famous for producing some of the finest whisky anywhere in the country and since closing its doors, Port Ellen whisky has become something of a commodity. Few expressions remain from the distillery’s heyday and this, combined with the quality of each dram, makes them sought after by collectors and whisky lovers alike. This expression was bottled by Japanese bottler, Shinanoya, for their Chess Series and it is very hard to come by today.
    This single cask bottling from the world famous Macallan distillery was created in 1990 and matured for 14 years in a sherry cask that has imparted a great array of deep, fruity and spicy notes onto Macallan’s premium new-make spirit. It was bottled by the High Spirits Collection for their popular “Lochs and Castles of Scotland” series, with this particular release sporting an image of Loch Goil that was first published all the way back in the late 1800s. Being from the Macallan distillery, and as one of just 358 bottles, it is a very rare find today.
    This beautiful whisky from the Highland’s Dalmore distillery was matured in a single sherry cask for 22 years, resulting in a rich and complex dram with flavours of chocolate dipped dark fruits and subtle pipe tobacco. It was then hand selected and bottled by First Cask, a branch of Direct Wines that releases a range of outstanding single cask whiskies. This bottle comes from cask #9425.
    A beautiful expression from Islay’s renowned Laphroaig distillery, famous for their heavily peated style. It was created in 1997 and matured for 15 years in a refill Sherry hogshead cask that has helped turn the distillery’s peaty new-make spirit into an intriguing and complex dram. The peat smoke is still there but it is not the only star of the show. Sherried fruits, raisins, dark chocolate and a touch of orange zest are all apparent in this fruity and fresh whisky. Only 291 bottles of this whisky were ever produced.
    The Highland Park distillery is found on the Isle of Orkney in the far north of Scotland. They are well known for producing top quality single malt whisky and they are the only distillery in the country that cut their peat with locally sourced heather before using it to heat the kiln. This step results in a smoky new-make spirit with slightly floral undertones. This particular expression was distilled in 1982 and bottled in 2002 after 20 years of maturation. Only 221 bottles of this single cask, cask strength whisky were ever produced.
    An exquisite expression from the Macallan distillery that was created in 1990 and bottled in 2016 by Hunter Laing for their Old & Rare label. The whisky was matured entirely in a single refill hogshead cask and it exhibits a balanced, flavourful and interesting character. The Macallan distillery is famous for producing some of the finest whisky in the world and Hunter Laing are masters of cask selection so this bottle was destined to be special from the start. A really fine dram that comes packaged in an elegant wooden case.
    This Bowmore 23 Year Old was distilled on Islay in 1989 before being matured in an ex-sherry butt and then bottled by Japanese indie bottler Three Rivers. It is rich and full of flavour with citrus fruits, old leather, a range of spices and a distinct nuttiness being the most apparent on the nose and palate. Bowmore’s signature peated style then makes itself known on the finish. It’s a cask strength, single cask expression of which only 320 bottles were produced, making it very hard to come by today.
    This Jamaica 30 Year Old was hand selected for the Rum Nation series and that tells us that the spirit inside is a bit special. Rum Nation was founded by Fabio Rossi, the man behind indie bottler Wilson & Morgan. He got a taste for the rum industry while touring the Caribbean and was keen to start bottling some of the fantastic spirits that he came across, this fantastic rum was one of them. IT is a 30 Year Old that was distilled in 1986 and carefully blended before being bottled in 2016. Rossi has ensured that each rum cask goes through the same rigorous selection process as Wilson & Morgan whiskies, ensuring that only the very best are chosen.