A page for the whisky buffs. Here you’ll find high-end, rare and old whisky from Islay to Speyside and everywhere in-between. These hand-picked whiskies turn special occasions into extra-special occasions. If we’ve sourced it, tried it and loved it, you’ll find it here.

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    The Macallan AERA Royal Black is an exciting Taiwanese exclusive release from Scotland’s most famous distillery. Aged in a combination of European and American Oak casks, this dram follows the latest Macallan trend of moving away from exclusively sherry cask matured whisky, but there is no doubt that the signature sherried style is still on full display here. The precious sherry cask oak was grown in Jerez in southern Spain and the forests in the north before being dried for four years, made into wooden barrels and then sedated for two years before being filled with Sherry. This process is carried out to strict regulations set by Macallan’s Master of Wood and it results in supreme quality casks that have dramatic effects on the distillery’s outstanding spirit.
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    A stunning, special edition Johnnie Walker & Sons XR 23 Year Old created from some of the finest malts and grains available, including some rare whisky from the Brora distillery. It's a well-spiced, wintery expression that brings indulgent notes of sticky toffee, Christmas cake, alcohol soaked raisins and subtle layers of vanilla that marry perfectly with cinnamon spice and gentle cardamom. This all comes packaged inside a stunning bottle and box that would look the part in any collection. A real delight.

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    Macallan Edition No.2 (700ml)

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    The Macallan Edition No.2 is the second instalment in the Speyside distillery's limited 'Editions Series'. This delightful expression is a collaboration between Macallan master blender, Bob Dalgarno, and Spanish chefs Josep, Joan and Jordi Roca. It is a fruity and complex dram created from a combination of sherry butts, puncheons and refill hogsheads and the results are astounding. As a limited edition whisky, this one is becoming rarer by the day.
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    Glen Garioch 23 Year, distilled at Glen Garioch distillery in Scotland and bottled by Aberdeen-based bottler, Kingsbury & Co. This bottling features silky soft notes, with an underlying sherry fruitiness. About Kingsbury Kingsbury is an Aberdeen-based independent bottler. Founded in 1989 with offices in London it focuses on offering single malt whiskies from highly regarded […]

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    This Lagavulin 1981 is a special Distiller’s Edition that was distilled in 1981 at the Islay based distillery before being matured in Sherry casks and then bottled in 2000. It was the third vintage released by the distillery and its aesthetics, nose and palate are equally special. About Lagavulin distillery The Lagavulin distillery, based in […]

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    This Glenfiddich Gran Cortes XXII is a brand new, innovative single malt from the world famous Glenfiddich distillery. The recently released whisky follows on from the epic Grand Cru 23 Year Old, and it does so in real style. Finished in rare Spanish Palo Cortado Sherry Casks, it brings a wealth of rich and fruity notes to the table, all backed up by a delicate, perfectly balanced array of spices. Aromas of dates, dark chocolate and raisins make way for sweet oak, vanilla and marzipan on the palate, before citrus fruits, fruitcake and gentle cinnamon make themselves known on the finish. It’s a truly wonderful dram that showcases everything you would expect from a 22 Year Old Glenfiddich and then some and comes packaged in a beautiful sherry-red box that doubles as a display case.
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    This stunning bottle of Royal Salute 21 Year Old is a brand new delicious blended whisky released in 2023. It is the brand's Signature Blend, bringing a truly incredible, smooth and moreish array of notes to the table. Those working at Royal Salute have mastered the art of blending, delivering epic whiskies time and time again, and this another to add to that list. As a Taiwanese exclusive release, quantities are highly limited.

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    Macallan Concept No.1 (2018)

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    This brand new Macallan is the first in a new series aimed at honouring the world's visionaries by experimenting with the whisky making process. Inspired by surreal art, the Concept Number 1 has been matured in sherry seasoned oak casks and then transferred to ex-bourbon casks for a similar time period. It is crafted to explore the differing effects casks can have on a dram while highlighting the distillery's commitment to wood management and mastery. The results are once again astounding, with a whole array of notes including butterscotch, citrus fruits, green banana, ginger and soft oak spices bouncing off of each other, complimenting as they go. It's an all-round wonderful single malt, from aesthetics to flavour profile, that is limited to just 84,000 bottles.As it is only available in travel retail, it's tricky to get your hands on and numbers are very limited.
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    This 2018 release Macallan Edition No.4 Whisky is the latest member of the world-famous Speyside distillery's 'Editions' Series. It was made to showcase The Macallan's trademark rich and heavy style, while celebrating a range of top quality oak casks at the same time. European & American Oak casks and butts are all on display here in this complex yet well balanced dram. Honeyed apples, citrus zest, nutmeg and bitter dark chocolate are all apparent on the nose and they make way for dark fruits, charred oak and sweet vanilla on the palate. It's an incredibly well crafted dram that sums up what it means to be a Macallan whisky and displays all of the knowledge and expertise of those working at the distillery.
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    Three generations of Highland Park wine masters chose three oak barrel types for this Triskelion bottling - first-fill European Sherry oak, first-fill American Sherry Oak and first bourbon barrels. This unique combination results in a truly tremendous flavour profile that delivers elegant, rich and moreish notes on the nose, palate and finish. The concept is based around the Triskelion, which is an ancient symbol used in many old cultures, particularly in Norse mythology.
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    The Ardbeg Dark Cove is an excellent limited edition single malt whisky from Islay’s famous Ardbeg distillery. This exceptional dram was released on 28th May 2016 for Ardbeg Day, the annual celebration that takes place during the hugely popular Feis Ile music and whisky festival. Matured in dark sherry and ex-bourbon casks, it brings notes of sticky dates, tobacco leaves, smoky bacon and that famous Ardbeg peat smoke together with ginger spice, rich treacle and sweet oak. It’s a full-bodied and relatively rich drinking experience that has been lapped up by anyone who manages to get their hands on a bottle. This is one of those whiskies that is simply brilliant and you’ll struggle to find a bad review among fans and critics alike.
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    This stunning new Macallan Limited Edition was released to celebrate the New Year for 2022. It tells the story of Scotland's most fmaous Hogmanay festivities, which attract thousands of visitors every year who revel in celebrating the change of the year in style. This bottling is a collaboration with acclaimed Japanese-French illustrator, Erica Dorn, who has most notable had artwork featured in Wes Anderson's films. It was matured in American and European oak sherry seasoned casks and American ex-bourbon barrels which have worked to impart a rich, sweet shortbread-like character onto the moreish, smooth spirit. It's an apt flavour profile considering the rich Scottish delicacy is traditionally gifted and eaten at Hogmanay up and down the country. These notes are backed up by rich fruits, dried berries, hints of dried orange and winter spice


    Macallan Edition No.1

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    This Macallan Edition No.1 is the first instalment in the hugely popular editions series from the famous Speyside distillery and it is now also the most sought after of the six expressions in the range to date. Demand for this bottle is so huge, that it's become very hard to find on today's market, turning it into a real collector's item. Created using a combination of European and American oak matured whisky, this one is as balanced a dram as you will find, with vanilla, winter berries, sweet honey, summer fruits and so much more.
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    This new Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Amontillado Sherry Cask expression, released specifically for the Asia market, is a fine limited edition that was finished in the unique sherry cask type that has imparted a range of delicious notes onto the sublime Glenfiddich spirit. It brings rich fruits, hints of sugared almonds, gentle cinnamon and dried berries that combine with subtle nutmeg, sticky toffee and caramelised apples to create a drinking experience that will be remembered for some time.

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    Macallan Rare Cask Black

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    This incredibly rare Macallan single malt from the world famous Speyside distillery is a limited edition release created by marrying together 100 sherry seasoned casks. Rather surprisingly, peated Macallan whisky was used in the creation of this dram, adding intrigue, mystique and unique flavours to this beautiful expression. A full range of delicious sherried notes are on offer alongside spicy ginger and subtle layers of smoke that linger in the background. It’s an astounding achievement that makes us long for more peated expressions from the legendary Speyside distillery.