A page for the whisky buffs. Here you’ll find high-end, rare and old whisky from Islay to Speyside and everywhere in-between. These hand-picked whiskies turn special occasions into extra-special occasions. If we’ve sourced it, tried it and loved it, you’ll find it here.

    This Port Ellen 28 Year Old is the crème de la crème of Islay whisky. It was distilled at the now silent Port Ellen distillery in 1983 and then bottled by indie bottler, Silver Seal, in 2011. It is a single cask whisky that was created shortly before the distillery closed its doors and only 240 bottles were ever released. Diageo are set to reopen the distillery in 2020 but this whisky provides the enviable opportunity to taste authentic Port Ellen in all its glory. An absolute gem!
    This Lagavulin 12 Year Old is a rare and absolutely divine whisky that was bottled by White Horse Distillers in the early 1970s. It is a truly classic single malt that was in circulation before Lagavulin was relaunched as a 16 Year Old in 1988. The flavours in this bottle provide an insight into the much more hands-on approach to whisky making in the 60s, taking you on a journey that you will never forget.
    This Highland Park 27 Year Old was distilled at Scotland's most northern distillery on October 26th, 1989. It was bottled by independent bottler Rest & Be Thankful in 2016. The bottler takes its name from an inscription made on a stone by soldiers who were building a military road all the way back in 1753. The stone sits at the top of a steep hill where the soldiers, and indeed other travellers, would stop to literally rest and be thankful. That is exactly what this single cask whisky provides. It is so smooth, balanced and rounded that it will help you to clear your head of all other thoughts as your nose, palette and mind bask in the incredible range of notes that this whisky has to offer.
    This Macallan Glenlivet 33 Year Old is an incredibly rare dram that was distilled in 1937 and bottled sometime in the 1970s by Gordon & MacPhail. This is one of few whiskies on the market that gives you a real insight into World War 2 whisky production and it is as honest a reflection of that as you will find. It is smooth, complex and well-rounded and one that fans of the legendary Macallan distillery (along with everyone else) will struggle to find fault in. It comes in an Edinburgh Crystal decanter, complete with crystal stopper, cork and red wax button seal. A real delight that holds exceptional liquid inside an extraordinary looking bottle. One for special occasions.
    This Bowmore 30 Year Old from Rest & Be Thankful is a dram that we can't help but fall in love with and we’re sure you will too! It was distilled on Islay in 1985 at the highly regarded Bowmore distillery and then aged for 30 years in a bourbon cask before being bottled in 2015 by independent bottler Rest & Be Thankful. It is a single cask whisky of which only 159 bottles were ever released, so if you’re looking for something from a masterful distillery and an excellent bottler that is rare, unique, honest and delicious, this dram ticks all the boxes.
    This Glenlivet 45 Year Old, distilled in 1967, is one the oldest, most exciting whiskies that we stock from the legendary Speyside distillery. It was matured in its entirety in an ex-Sherry butt so expect it to be rich, deep and full-bodied with definite notes of dark fruits and chocolate. It was bottled by Gordon & MacPhail in 2012 and given that they are as much masters of their craft as the great Glenlivet distillery, this bottle is guaranteed to be filled with outstanding liquid. Not only that, but this is a highly limited release that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.
    This Benromach 30 Year Old from Gordon & MacPhail is an absolute joy. The Benromach distillery is north Speyside’s smallest but what they lack in size they more than make up for in quality and this dram is a reflection of that! It was matured in refill Sherry casks, creating a deep richness that runs through every single dram, with a long finish that hangs around, letting you experience it in all of its glory before fading to make way for the next sip. It scored 95.5 out of 100 in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible for 2013, showing that it really is as good as we think.
    This Glen Grant 25 Year Old is a 1985 vintage whisky from the fantastic Speyside distillery. It was bottled in 2010 by Wilson & Morgan, the Aberdeen based bottler owned by Fabio Rossi (something of a name in the industry). They are well known for tasting hundreds of casks before deciding on which one is right for them and many of their releases are specifically for the Italian market, making them very rare. There have been a wave of fantastic 1980s vintage independently bottled Glen Grants and this is yet another one. A fresh, natural and rare single malt whisky that comes presented in an elegant wooden box.
    This Springbank 20 Year Old is a remarkable single cask dram from Scotland’s acclaimed Campbeltown region that was aged entirely in an ex-Sherry butt before being bottled by The Maltman indie bottler around 2016. Springbank is one of few distilleries left in Scotland that perform every step of the distilling process on-site, allowing them to carefully hand-craft each whisky to their exact specifications. The Maltman are equally as careful when selecting which casks to bottle, so you know for sure that the liquid inside this bottle is going to be some of the best money can buy. A Whisky Foundation favourite.
    This Jamaica 30 Year Old was hand selected for the Rum Nation series and that tells us that the spirit inside is a bit special. Rum Nation was founded by Fabio Rossi, the man behind indie bottler Wilson & Morgan. He got a taste for the rum industry while touring the Caribbean and was keen to start bottling some of the fantastic spirits that he came across, this fantastic rum was one of them. IT is a 30 Year Old that was distilled in 1986 and carefully blended before being bottled in 2016. Rossi has ensured that each rum cask goes through the same rigorous selection process as Wilson & Morgan whiskies, ensuring that only the very best are chosen.
    Silver Seal is an Italian indie bottler better known for their frequently stunning (and highly collectable) whisky bottlings. In recent years they have worked hard at increasing their portfolio of premium rum, and this bottle is one of the best they have to offer. A Demerara rum from the Enmore distillery, this spirit was created in 1977, matured for 32 Years and the bottled around 2009. It makes up part of Silver Seal’s sought after Wildlife collection and is deep and rich with sweet overtones that deliver notes of vanilla, oak and sugarcane. If you like rum, you’ll like this!