How It Works: Market Driven Pricing

Each of the bottles that is lucky enough to land on The Reserve is priced by the market. The higher the demand, the higher the price.

Each sale that is made will result in a price increase, the amount of the increase is based on the period of time that lapsed betwen sales. A shorter time between transactions implies a higher demand, thus resulting in a larger rise.When time passes without a sale a random price reduction is triggered automatically.

Time your purchase right and you get a deal.Time it wrong and your “portfolio” might miss a great bottle.

How It Works: Exclusive Bottles

The releases you find on The Reserve are Whisky Foundation exclusives you’ll find nowhere else. Each of the bottles is an outstanding whisky you’ll be proud to have on your shelf.

Only a limited quantity will be available adding to the allure and prestige that comes with each bottle. As supplies dwindle and prices rise, early buyers will be most pleased with their “investment.”

The Trading Desk

Springbank 24 Year Old

Status: IPO on November 23rd, 2017
Current Price: Opens at $1
Distillery: Springbank
Age: 24 Years

Tasting Notes (by Charles MacLean): 

A top note of hard toffee (this soon fades) and hessian (sack-cloth), on a maritime base, with polythene anchor ropes and distant smouldering ash.

Nose – drying overall. A drop of water adds a faint oaky note.

A sweet and salty taste, with traces of nut-brittle toffee; a suggestion of match-box striker in the peppery finish.

A fine example of Springbank.

Analyst Opinion: Based on current trends and demand for well-aged Springbank bottlings, we anticipate strong volume. Market value of the bottle would currently be expected to be in the range of $500 to $800.