Choosing a gift for a loved one is never an easy task. Hours can be spent in malls and online stores waiting for inspiration to strike. But never fear, we’ve created this whisky gift guide and done all of your thinking for you, making your life a whole lot easier.

If your loved one has shown an appreciation for Scotch whisky, getting them their very on rare and exclusive bottle could be just what the doctor ordered.

If they are a proud collector, you’ll know the bottle you get them will be showcased on the shelf, its value rising as the years pass by. If not, you’ll be offering them the foundation of a fine whisky collection.

Sweet, smoky, spicy, or light and fruity? You name it, and we have it. Skim through our whisky gift guide and you’ll be sure to find something that will warm your loved ones’ hearts and keep them happy right up to summer.

    “Delicate Smokiness” - This one is a Whisky Foundation exclusive, so if you want to give your loved ones a bottle they’ve never tried before, this is the one! Distilled at the famous Islay distillery, at 50.30 per cent cask strength, this whisky features that much-loved, powerful, peaty expression sought after by lovers of smoky, Islay whisky. No added colouring, just pure, natural whisky.
    "Rich & Deep" - Distilled by one of Speyside’s most well-known distilleries, this release perfectly captures the deep and complex character of the Glenrothes distillery. Glenrothes whiskies are used in some of the most popular blended whiskies in the world. This specific release is part of independent bottler Wilson & Morgan’s Barrel Selection, which features only the very best casks from select distilleries. At 56.40 per cent cask strength, this is for whisky lovers who like their dram big and bold.
    “Smoke Explosion” - This one is a Whisky Foundation exclusive, and a treat for lovers of intense, powerful whisky. Distilled at the famous Campbeltown distillery, this release brings the well-known, intensely peated Springbank character forth, which has been partially tamed by 16 years of maturation, followed by a masterful port finish. No added colouring and no-chill filtration ensure that each bottle holds only the natural, pure whisky the distiller wanted consumers to try.

    This superb 15 Year Old was produced in the Speyside region of Scotland before being hand-selected and bottled by Kingsbury. This is a single cask whisky that is quite rare, so it definitely belongs on Whisky Foundation. More from Kingsbury


    Ledaig 19 Year Old, Distilled at Tobermory Distillery. Produced and Bottled at Scotland by Kingsbury and Co. Ltd. Aberdeen, Scotland. About Kingsbury Kingsbury is an Aberdeen-based independent bottler. Founded in 1989 with offices in London it focuses on offering single malt whiskies from highly regarded distilleries across Scotland. Each of the single cask offerings comes […]

    “Ocean Lightness” - Another Whisky Foundation exclusive by the wonderful Clynelish distillery. Only 242 bottles of this whisky were ever produced, making it an extremely rare whisky from the renowned Clynelish distillery. Aged for 18 years in a hogshead cask and then bottled at 52.00 per cent cask strength, you can rest assured the whisky in this bottle will give your loved ones the full, unstoppable experience of this wonderful, maritime, Highland malt.
    “A Touch of Smoke” - A Whisky Foundation exclusive, with only 229 bottles available. This release by the Caol Ila distillery is the perfect whisky to lead whisky drinkers into the world of peaty and smoky whisky. Lightly peated, with floral and peppery notes, this specific whisky was aged for 20 years in a rum cask, bringing forth a wonderful sweetness to balance out the peat and the strength of the whisky, at 56.90 per cent. Balanced, rounded, and bursting with flavour. This bottle really is the perfect gift.
    “Spicy & Intense” - This release by the Talisker distillery gives drinkers the world-famous, powerful coastal expression, followed by the chilli and pepper notes often found in Talisker whiskies. Ageing for 5 years in a bourbon cask has brought a hint of sweetness to the character and added depth to an already complex dram. Power, depth, and a surprising level of balance, fused with intensity and strength, make this release the perfect gift for the lover of whiskies.

    This Calvados 39 Year Old is an old product of France. It was distilled in 1974 and aged for 39 years before being bottled. It comes from cask # 910 and only 120 bottles were ever released. About Calvados Calvados is distilled from cider made from specially grown and selected apples, from over 200 named […]


    This Springbank 25 Year Old is a true classic from the widely acclaimed Campbeltown region. Distilled in 1991 then aged for 25 years in a Bourbon Barrel,  this single malt has no added colour and no-chill filtration. It was released by the Rest & Be Thankful Whisky Company. You’ll fall in love with this whisky! […]


    About Ardbeg The Ardbeg distillery can be found on the South coast of Islay. Their whiskies have become famous because of their heavily peated flavors that come though in so many of their single-malts. They mostly use Sherry and Bourbon casks in their maturing process. About Signatory Signatory Vintage Scotch is one of the most […]


    Distilled by Bowmore only for Japan Marketing, we’ve managed to get hold of a few bottles for Whisky Foundation customer around the world. A rare opportunity to own a Shinanoya private bottle with only 288 bottles ever made. About Bowmore Distillery Bowmore is one of those names that everybody vaguely familiar with whisky will recognize, […]


    Ardbeg 25 Year, a stunning old single cask Ardbeg bottled by Signatory in October 2016. This whisky was distilled in 1991 and has been matured for 25 years in a Refill Sherry Hogshead. Limited to just 279 bottles, this is a real collectors piece. About Ardbeg The Ardbeg distillery can be found on the South […]


    About Talisker Distillery The Talisker is an island distillery producing single malts, it is based is the small village of Carbost, and has the honor of being the only whisky distillery on the Isle of Skye. Founded in 1830 by two brothers named Hugh and Kenneth MacAskill, it was then rebuilt in 1880 and extended […]