What Kind Of Gift Are You Looking For?

Choosing a gift for a loved one is never an easy task. Hours can be spent in malls and online stores waiting for inspiration to strike. But never fear, we’ve created this whisky gift guide and done all of your thinking for you, making your life a whole lot easier.

If your loved one has shown an appreciation for Scotch whisky, getting them their very on rare and exclusive bottle could be just what the doctor ordered.

If they are a proud collector, you’ll know the bottle you get them will be showcased on the shelf, its value rising as the years pass by. If not, you’ll be offering them the foundation of a fine whisky collection.

Sweet, smoky, spicy, or light and fruity? You name it, and we have it. Skim through our whisky gift guide and you’ll be sure to find something that will warm your loved ones’ hearts and keep them happy right up to fall.

How much would you like to spend?

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    One of four bottles in Hard to Find Whisky’s ‘Casino Series’. All four bottles in this series are Tobermory 21 Year Old single malts that have individually been finished in different cask types. This #Roulette bottling was finished in an ex-sherry cask, imparting subtle flavours of sherried fruits on the peated Tobermory spirit and adding an extra level of depth to an already complex and interesting whisky. Each bottle is numbered with a genuine casino chip and with only 145 bottles released, it’s a rare and collectible dram.
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    This Calvados 39 Year Old is an old product of France. It was distilled in 1974 and aged for 39 years before being bottled. It comes from cask # 910 and only 120 bottles were ever released. About Calvados Calvados is distilled from cider made from specially grown and selected apples, from over 200 named […]

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    cask, resulting in a deep and rich whisky that has bags of flavour on offer. Tobacco leaves, smoky cigars, old leather and a range of winter fruits are the most apparent in this slightly oily dram. Duncan Taylor bottled this expression at a cask strength of 58.4% ABV and only 297 bottles were released, all specifically for the Japanese market, making this dram something of a rarity.
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    The Bunnahabhain distillery on Islay is known for its lighter-peated spirit when compared to that of neighbouring distilleries. This has led it to become the perfect choice of for those that aren’t so keen on heavily peated spirit but would still like to get a taste of Islay whisky. This 27 Year Old was matured in a refill hogshead cask - it’s smooth with toffee, sticky dates, cut grass and a gentle sea breeze. It was bottle by Hunter Laing for their hugely popular Old & Rare label. Only 198 bottles of this fresh and honest cask strength whisky were created.
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    This Strathisla whisky is a prime example of sherried whisky from a time before the “sherry-bomb” market boom. Distilled in 1963 and then matured for almost 40 years in one of the finest sherry casks available, this dram brings lots of big, rich flavours to the table that will work our nose, palate and mind. Gordon & MacPhail are masters of tasting, selecting and bottling only the finest casks available, so if you see their name on a bottle you can be sure it holds premium liquid inside. Due to this whisky’s age and popularity, it is becoming rarer by the day, making it an amazing gift for the collector or intrigued sherry lover.