Bringing Scottish Folklore Alive

Scottish history, culture and folklore are so closely intertwined, it is almost impossible to discern one from the other. Generation after generation have passed on the stories, shared their tales and recounted history and folklore in the same breath. Most common of these are tales of mythical beasts who roam the highlands, stalk the lowlands and inhabit the islands.

It is from these magnificent tales that we took our inspiration for this truly unforgettable series and we hope you enjoy the expressions as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.

Cailleach Beira – The Winter Queen

As the summer draws to a close and the sun sinks with greater haste, the time of Cailleach Beira approaches. A Queen and mother of Gods, Beira has the power to raise mountains, carve glens and fill lochs to the brim, but during the months of light she is young, carefree and does not rule. Her time comes when winter begins, her brow has wrinkled and her outlook has hardened.

This is the time for her to project her power. In preparation, the plaid shawl she wears over her head must be washed in the only vessel that is big enough – the Corryvreckan whirlpool off the coast of Jura. She tramples the great plaid, kicking up a roaring, foaming mass of water, and drapes her now snowy-white garment over the mountains to dry. These are the snows of the Scottish Winter. As the months progress and her mood sours, she summons ever more cold and bitter storms to scour Scotland until her subjects begin to pine for the rule of the summer King. Spring is an open revolt against her reign, and a new start to the cycle.

Pushing The Boundaries

Taking away not just one, but three, prestigious industry awards at the 2018 International Wine & Spirit Competition and 2018 Independent Bottlers Challenge for the first release (The Cù-Sìth) in their Scottish Folklore inspired whisky series, Edinburgh based Scottish whisky broker and independent bottler Cask 88 have quickly risen to become recognized for groundbreaking expressions that are in a league of their own. The second bottle (The Selkie) followed suit by being awarded a gold medal at the Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters, and sold out within days of release. The next chapter pushes the boundaries even further by combining a remarkable whisky, alluring storyline and elegant bottle design.

Beautiful Design

The third release in the Scottish Folklore series carries forward the alluring style that has captured the attention of whisky enthusiasts around the globe. An intricately designed label features the Cailleach Beira in an attractive colour scheme that immediately draws you in with each of the careful details. Included with the bottle is a beautiful presentation box to complement the expression with a visually striking appearance. This is a release of the highest quality that will stand out among any collection.

Bringing The Legend To Life

A single cask of 19 year old Laphroaig was chosen to become the third release in the Cask 88 Scottish Folklore Series and represent the great power of Cailleach Beira, the Queen of Winter. Distilled on the Island of Islay, off the Western coast of Scotland, the Laphroaig distillery is within earshot of the mighty roar of the Corryvreckan as Beira washes her shawl in preparation for her cruel reign. The island is buffeted by her furious winds and tempestuous seas and it’s almost inevitable that Laphroaig’s whisky takes inspiration from the moods of this mercurial Goddess.

Laphroaig Single Cask – Surviving the Onslaught of Winter

Known for its brooding quality and intensity of flavour, Laphroaig is a malt that embodies the spirit of Beira. The first impression may be of fury, but on closer inspection a more complex picture emerges. There is a joyful and creative spirit here, redolent with the rich flavours of a youth well spent. The oceanic peat and maritime flavours are worn as a cloak over everything. They contain, but cannot conceal the lighter side of this whisky.

Remarkable Whisky

The outstanding cask #1700368 selected for the Cailleach Beira was distilled in 2001 at The Laphroaig Distillery and placed into a refill hogshead for 17 years before being re-racked in October 2017 into a 1st Fill Château Léoville-Las Cases Bordeaux Barrique. In total, the whisky has spent more than 19 years preparing for a worldwide debut. It is released as a single cask expression with just 270 bottles produced.

Tasting Notes:


Starts sweet and musty, like freshly trampled grapes. There’s a richness like black cherry jam on wholemeal toast. The toasted note becomes a full burning peat fire within a few moments, undercut by grated nutmeg and Laproaig’s distinctive algal iodine.


Dense and chewy on the tongue, like a dark malt loaf studded with dried cherries and pecan nuts. A heavy oakiness is a solid anchor, around which flavours of honey-glazed ham, smoked paprika and laver cake coalesce.


Once the smoke has cleared (which takes a little while), there’s a lingering note of after-dinner brandy and praline chocolates. Those ones that are shaped like seashells.

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The Scottish Folklore Series: Laphroaig 19 Year Old is available now for immediate shipping. Just 270 bottles were produced making this a highly collectible limited edition. Bearing in mind the success of the first and second releases, we expect these to sell out quickly. Order your bottle today to avoid missing out.

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