A page for the whisky buffs. Here you’ll find high-end, rare and old whisky from Islay to Speyside and everywhere in-between. These hand-picked whiskies turn special occasions into extra-special occasions. If we’ve sourced it, tried it and loved it, you’ll find it here.

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    The Macallan AERA Royal Black is an exciting Taiwanese exclusive release from Scotland’s most famous distillery. Aged in a combination of European and American Oak casks, this dram follows the latest Macallan trend of moving away from exclusively sherry cask matured whisky, but there is no doubt that the signature sherried style is still on full display here. The precious sherry cask oak was grown in Jerez in southern Spain and the forests in the north before being dried for four years, made into wooden barrels and then sedated for two years before being filled with Sherry. This process is carried out to strict regulations set by Macallan’s Master of Wood and it results in supreme quality casks that have dramatic effects on the distillery’s outstanding spirit.
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    Glen Garioch 23 Year, distilled at Glen Garioch distillery in Scotland and bottled by Aberdeen-based bottler, Kingsbury & Co. This bottling features silky soft notes, with an underlying sherry fruitiness. About Kingsbury Kingsbury is an Aberdeen-based independent bottler. Founded in 1989 with offices in London it focuses on offering single malt whiskies from highly regarded […]

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    The Glenlivet Captain's Reserve is a 2018 release whisky from the famous Speyside distillery inspired by Captain Bill Grant Smith, the grandson of the distillery's founder. It has been finished in casks that previously housed Cognac resulting in a delicious and gentle dram that brings baked apples, brown sugar, sticky dates and some citrus fruits, along with a creamy mouthfeel. It really does take you on a journey from the misty valleys of Speyside to the warm Cognac vineyards of France. Already a fan favourite, this bottle is one to pull out at a party and impress your friends with - the chances are, they won't have had an opportunity to taste this beauty yet.
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    This 2018 release Macallan Edition No.4 Whisky is the latest member of the world-famous Speyside distillery's 'Editions' Series. It was made to showcase The Macallan's trademark rich and heavy style, while celebrating a range of top quality oak casks at the same time. European & American Oak casks and butts are all on display here in this complex yet well balanced dram. Honeyed apples, citrus zest, nutmeg and bitter dark chocolate are all apparent on the nose and they make way for dark fruits, charred oak and sweet vanilla on the palate. It's an incredibly well crafted dram that sums up what it means to be a Macallan whisky and displays all of the knowledge and expertise of those working at the distillery.