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Scotch Whisky 101 – Yeast

Three basic ingredients are needed in the production of whisky – barley, water and yeast. It is quite remarkable how these three simple components are the basis of so many varied and delightful drams – From Scottish and Japanese whisky, to Irish whiskey and American Bourbon. The individual style and flavour profiles of each whisky are […]

Interview With Wilson & Morgan – Italian Independent Bottler

Italian independent bottlers Wilson & Morgan are a great example of the innovation, creativity and international collaboration upon which the independent bottling industry thrives. A truly family business, chairman Fabio Rossi follows in the footsteps of his grandfather and his father Giuseppe and father Mario, who first started importing fine whiskies from Scotland. We had […]

Interview With The Whisky Lady – Anne-Sophie Bigot

We’ve recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the whisky industry’s most interesting and active bloggers. Anne-Sophie Bigot is the owner of the Whisky Lady blog, through which she brings a fresh perspective to the whisky world, attempting to remove the preconception that whisky is but an “old man’s drink.” Apart from managing her […]

Scotch Whisky 101 – Cask Strength

The demand for cask strength whiskies has been growing in recent years, as savvy whisky drinkers seek out a more authentic whisky experience, rooted in the heritage and practice of whisky-making. Some may dismiss cask strength whisky as the latest trend, but bottling at cask strength has long been a common practice among independent bottlers. […]

Scotch Whisky 101 – Water

We’re here today with the latest piece in our Scotch Whisky 101 series, which aims to educate and provide some knowledge on anything to do with Scotch whisky; from its production to the joys of sampling it correctly. Today’s topic is water. Apart from being essential to our survival, water is one of the key ingredients in […]

How Ice & Water Effect Whisky Flavour

Whether you are a long-time fan or complete newbie concerning the world of whisky, there is always something new you can learn about the wonderful spirit. There are some unwritten rules about Scotch and the ways one should sample it, and without someone to help you along you might find yourself afraid of doing something […]

Scotland’s Most Remote Distilleries

Whisky isn’t just a drink, it’s a way of life, and it’s rich history and many traditions have made whisky lovers some of the most passionate fans in the drinks world today. This has been repeatedly proven throughout the years, up to this very day. Despite the constantly increasing prices of rare whisky, fans continue […]

The Whisky Boom Reaches TV

The first of a three-part television series titled “Scotch! The Story of Whisky” aired in the beginning of October on BBC 2 Scotland. The series is also available to viewers across the nation via iPlayer, and so far the ratings have been great! The series, starring Scottish actor David Hayman, delves into the many sides […]

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