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Ask Whisky Foundation: Should I put water in my independent bottlings?

whisky taste chart

  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll probably have read the study that found that putting water in whisky definitively improves the flavour of it. (Well, in so far as taste is highly subjective and a matter of opinion.) Did you miss it? Here’s a quick watered-down recap. (Get it, because it’s about putting […]

Whisky buff to whisky bluff: what on earth is chill haze?


If you’re anything like the team here at Whisky Foundation, you’re a fan of beer as well as whisky. If that is the case, then you might have noticed the recent trend of hazy IPAs cropping up all over the place. They’re the current ‘in-thing’, and for good reason: they have enhanced aromas, are smooth […]

From the Whisky Foundation collection: our favourite Rest and Be Thankful bottlings <

There’s nothing we love more at Whisky Foundation than seeing an independent bottler appear with a bang and then consistently produce whisky after whisky after whisky that blow us away. (Well, there is: drinking whisky after whisky after whisky that blow us away.) And, if you’ve never heard of Rest & Be Thankful, then you’re […]

Learn the lingo: independent bottling-specific whisky words

  If you’ve read any of our other posts, you’ll know that here at Whisky Foundation, we’re all about stripping away the crusty image of whisky drinking. That’s because we know that there’s a lot about whisky culture – the whisky words, the attitudes, and the elitism – that can be off-putting to the casual […]

Ask Whisky Foundation: should independent bottlings be called indie whiskies?

indie whisky

If you’ve ever tried to introduce independent bottlings to a friend – even a friend that enjoys a dram or two – it can get a little bit complicated. You’ll probably talk of how bottlers buy whiskies from distilleries but then release them under their own labels after maturing and finishing them. You might talk […]

Legends of the future: independent bottling companies to watch


As you might have noticed, we love independent bottling companies here at Whisky Foundation. We’re mad about them. We love seeing new independent bottlers getting started and releasing their first expression. We love to see them bringing a new twist to a whisky that we didn’t think could get any better. And, of course, we […]

The Maltman range: independent bottling at its finest

If there was ever a collection of whiskies that epitomised the independent bottling ethos, it would be The Maltman series. I mean, check out this quote from their website. If it was in Latin, it’d pretty much be the motto of the independent bottling industry: Our Maltman range, all single cask releases, is without any […]

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