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Released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stanley P Morrison (which later became Morrison Bowmore), this Bowmore 32-Year-Old  bottling is big and bold. On the nose, it starts with a whack of a fruit cocktail – lots of tangerine, grapefruits and melon, with hints of rum, banana and vanilla ice cream that give way to peaty, smoky notes. The mouth confirms what the nose already knew – this is a fruity whisky with bold hits of citrus (particularly passionfruit) and pineapple. It’s not all that complex, but boy is a whisky to behold.
Bunnahabhain 35 year is one of the oldest Bunnahabhain releases you'll find, this independent bottling was distilled on December 5th, 1980 then matured in a sherry cask for over 35 years. The special vatting of two casks was bottled at natural strength of 40.2% yielding a total outturn of 510 bottles. The whisky is non-chill filtered with no added coloring. Experience a premium, well-aged Islay whisky!
Cadenhead's Green Label Demerara was bottled from a specially selected individual cask distilled in 1975. Demerara rums can be aged for extended periods and are frequently blended with lighter rums from other regions.
Dailuaine 34 Year, a smooth textured, sweet and delightfully rich single malt with balancing fresh acidity and saltiness and warming herbal and drying finish. It's a very rare official Dailuaine released in 2015 after maturing for over 34 years. It was bottled at cask strength 50.90%. Only 2952 produced. Dailuaine is becoming more difficult to find, get a well-aged bottle while it lasts.
A Dailuaine 35 Year Old made specifically for the Japanese market, you don't get much more special and unique than this! Distilled in Scotland in 1976, this beauty was aged until 2012 when it was bottled at a cask strength of 48.3%. Finding a well-aged rare Daluaine is becoming much harder these days but we managed to get our hands on this so that our whisky lovers around the world could too.  
An ancient Demerara from the Enmore distillery, released by Silver Seal - an Italian company better known for their frequently stunning (and highly collectable) whisky bottlings. This bottle is a 32 year old release part of Silver Seals Wildlife Series. You'll want to give this rum a try!
Glenlivet 33 Year is distilled on November 13th, 1981 at Glenlivet then aged for 33 years in a single hogshead. Signatory Vintage bottled on October 30th, 2015 at 49.80% cask strength (#9644). Outturn from the release was only 215 bottles. This Speyside whisky has fantastic and natural hue.
Glenlivet 33 Year is distilled in 1981 at Glenlivet then aged for 33 years in a sherry cask. Signatory Vintage bottled in 2015 at 52.20% cask strength (#10968). Outturn from the release was only 187 bottles. This Speyside whisky has fantastic and natural hue. No-chill filtration and no added colors.
Glenlivet 35 Year Old, distilled in 1979, this Glenlivet was bottled in 2014 by the Italian independent bottler Silver Seal.
This Lagavulin 35 Year Old is a rare vintage independent bottling. It was distilled in 1979 at the Islay based distillery before being bottled at Bruichladdich by The Syndicate's after 35 years of maturation.
Laphroaig 32 Year Old, this extremely rare release brings forth the well-known peaty character of the Laphroaig distillery, as well as a wonderful smoothness, created by the 32 year maturation of the whisky in ex-Oloroso sherry casks. Bitter chocolate, spicy oak, and a touch of smoke make this an exceptional dram.
Port Ellen 32 Year was distilled at the Port Ellen distillery which shut down in 1983 and never reopened. The Port Ellen 32 Year comes from the final year of production. It was matured in refill European oak butts.
Port Ellen 35 Year is an amazing release from the silent Port Ellen Distillery. This whisky is some of the most highly sought in the world, considered by most to be the best Islay malt produced from 1960 to 1980. This release was distilled in 1980 and matured for 35 years before being bottled in 2015. If you want a rare opportunity to experience Port Ellen for yourself, here is your chance!