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The first offering on the Whisky Foundation Reserve is one to remember. This iconic 24 year old bottle is sure to be a standout among your collection. A new Springbank 24 Year Old that was bottled by The Maltman in 2017. It's a single cask whisky that comes in at 47.3%. We just had to get our hands on this so that you can too. Prices Can Change Rapidly. Set An Alert If you'd like to get notified when the price hits your desired level, click here to set an alert. [the_reserve_graph]
Caol Ila 20 Year is a Whisky Foundation Exclusive! Experience an iconic Island whisky distilled at Caol Ila in 1996. Aged in a rum cask for 20 years then bottled in 2016 by Kingsbury. Cask strength 56.90% release from #819. Non-chill filtered. No color added. Only 229 bottles produced.
Glenlivet 33 Year is distilled on November 13th, 1981 at Glenlivet then aged for 33 years in a single hogshead. Signatory Vintage bottled on October 30th, 2015 at 49.80% cask strength (#9644). Outturn from the release was only 215 bottles. This Speyside whisky has fantastic and natural hue.
Glenlivet 20 Year is a beautiful whisky distilled in 1995 at Glenlivet then aged for 20 years in a sherry cask. The whisky was bottled in 2016 at 57.00% by Signatory. The outturn from cask #166950 was only 480 bottles, each with a lovely and natural color.
Clynelish 18 Year, a Whisky Foundation Exclusive! Experience the distinct combination of North Highland and maritime qualities exhibited by Clynelish. There's a reason this whisky is widely used by blenders throughout Scotland, it's good stuff! This particular release was distilled in 1997 then aged for 18 years in a hogshead. Bottled at cask strength 52.00% in 2016. Only 242 bottles produced.
This Jamaica 30 Year Old was hand selected for the Rum Nation series and that tells us that the spirit inside is a bit special. The island has alternating intense rainfalls and sunshine which facilitates the growth of some of the best sugarcane in the world. This is a unique 30 year old gem from the rare rum series. It's a very limited and very old rum. Distilled in 1986 and carefully blended before being bottled in 2016. This is a successor to the long loved Rum Nation's "Supreme Lord".
Laphroaig 16 Year, a Whisky Foundation Exclusive! Distilled in 1999 at Laphroaig Distillery on Islay then matured in a rum cask for 16 years. This independent release by Kingsbury was bottled at cask strength 55.0% in 2016. The single cask bottling from #4144 is non-chill filtered with no added coloring. Only 217 bottles produced.
Aberlour 21 Year is a Whisky Foundation Exclusive! From the ace Aberlour distillery comes a 21 year old single cask single malt, distilled in November 1994 and bottled in May 2016 after a Pedro Ximenez finish. It was bottled by The Maltman, with 282 bottles produced. No color added and no-chill filtered.
An outstanding British Guyana Rum distilled by Port Mourant Distillery in 1998, then aged for 18 years prior to bottling. This single cask rum was produced at cask strength 57.8% with an outturn of just 180 bottles. The double wooden pot stills used at Port Mourant are characterized by a pronounced sweet, sugar cane nosed combined with a dry medium-bodied flavour.
This Sherry finished rum is an intense but lighter than usual Caroni with a well defined sweetness alongside floral and peppery hints. The distillery has now closed it's doors and that adds to the  mystique of this bottle that is surely destined to become rare.
This is your chance to taste a rum distilled back before the Cuban revolution and Fidel Castro. Legend of Cuban Rum was distilled in Cuba during the 40's and then sent to Spain and stored in old sherry Oloroso casks by Valdespino.
This Diamond Rum Nation needs no presentation, but we'll give it one anyway. It's from the same batch of casks that were chosen for the first European releases in the Rare Rums series, so that should tell you something about how much trust we have in the quality of this rum.
Mortlach 24 Year is known for their sherry casks and this one will not disappoint. The whisky exhibits a deep natural color with a rich flavour profile. You'll appreciate the fruitiness, texture and spice from this outstanding whisky. Distilled on May 14th, 1991 then aged for 24 years before being bottled on December 2nd, 2015. Cask strength at 55.50%. Only 587 bottles produced.
Bunnahabhain 25 Year, a richly honeyed and raisiny Bunnahabhain which was refined for its final 10 months in a Pedro Ximenez cask. A creamy single malt with a sunny soul and a warmth and soft sweetness that will appeal to whisky enthusiasts but also to novices. Distilled in 1989 and bottled in 2015 at 46.60% after aging for 25 years.
Laphroaig 16 Year, this wonderful release by Laphroaig was distilled in 2000, aged for 16 years, and bottled by Kingsbury, the independent bottler. 
Highland Park 27 Year is independently bottled single malt Scotch whisky released by independent bottler "Rest & Be Thankful." This incredible Island whisky was distilled on October 26th, 1989 then aged for 27 years in a single bourbon cask. Bottled on February 4th, 2016 at 48.4%. Non-chill filtered with no added coloring.
Glenfiddich 30 year very rare release, this beautiful 30 Year Old from the Glenfiddich distillery has been matured in sherry cask to add an expansive depth of flavor to this bottle. Notes of orange peel, chocolate, fruitcake and vanilla are rounded off perfectly with a nice kick of spice. This single-malt is rich and sweet while managing to maintain a balance that makes it smooth and easy to drink.
Glen Grant 25 year, a 1985 vintage Glen Grant from independent bottlers Wilson & Morgan, bottled in 2010 at 25 years of age. There have been a wave of fantastic 1980s vintage independently bottled Glen Grants and this is yet another one. The slow aging at the 170 year old distillery results in a fresh and natural Single Malt Scotch whisky. Presented in a brilliant wooden box, this is one for the collector!
This rum is is distilled in Jamaica at Hampden Distillery, one of the oldest distilleries. Jamaican rum are known for producing the heaviest, strongest and most ester-containing rums on the market.
Springbank 20 Year is one of the Whisky Foundation Exclusive! This is a remarkable 20-year-old Springbank aged in a Sherry cask to create one of the most delicious drams you'll find. It’s a true classic from the widely acclaimed Campbelltown region. Distilled in 1996, this single cask bottling has no added color and no-chill filtration. You’ll fall in love with this whisky!
Springbank 25 Year, an incredible single malt presented in a crystal decanter. This whisky was released by Kingsbury under the Sar Obair label and it’s one that will look as good as it tastes! The whisky was distilled in 1990 at Springbank in Campbeltown region then aged for 25 years. Bottled at 53.30%. Only 201 bottles produced!